Best jobs for 15 year olds

Teenagers across the globe have a lot of free time during their school-holidays. Let it be autumn, spring or summer, kids will always try to find a way to earn some extra pocket money. Are you also trying to find the best jobs for 15 year olds that pay? Read this article through.

One of the most common and certainly one of the best jobs for 15 year olds is (mostly but not entirely for boys) to help elder people with their house duties. Buy their groceries, walk a dog, mow the lawn and most importantly, make them a good company. Elder people are often alone and your visits can make their days a lot happier. This is certainly one of the best jobs for 15 year olds that pay.

Girls on the other hand are more familiar with babysitting. During your free time, you can help with babysitting and earn some extra money for your summer adventures. This is however one of the most responsible jobs one can get at age of 15. But if you’re willing to take the responsibility, I would suggest you strongly consider babysitting, also one of the best jobs for 15 year olds that pay.

Best jobs for 15 year old

If you’re more of an online guy, you can write articles for various websites, become a part-time copywriter or help in a call-center (online support). Online jobs are also amongst favorite jobs for 15 year olds all over the world. The choice at the end is yours, and I’m sure you will pick up some great ideas to earn some of your own pocket money.

Modeling Jobs for 15 Year Olds – How to Start

Probably you know that 14-15 is the perfect age to start a modelling career. Just remember that the greatest models of the world, like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, or Adriana Lima, started at this age. There are many modeling jobs for 15 year olds on the market; you just need to know where to search, and how to get it. Agencies are actually looking for girls at this age, in order to help them become super models, so if you are interested in modeling jobs for 15 year olds, keep reading.

Modeling jobs for 15 year olds

First thing to do is to send your portfolio to the most popular modeling agencies. If you check their websites, you will notice a special section, with modeling jobs for 15 year olds. You should have a good set of photographs, or a professional one, if it is possible. Send it with a CV, and wait for a response.

Usually, they will call you back, but it can last up to a month to get a response. The next step will be an interview, a photo shoot, and maybe a catwalk. If they like you, and you fit the profile, you will start being asked to participate in different fashion events or campaigns.

Also, you need to know that modeling jobs for 15 year olds involve working around 35 hours per week, during holiday, and only 12 hours per week, during school time. You can work maximum 2 hours per day, after school, and 8 hours Saturday. During holidays, you are allowed to work 8 hours per day.

Modeling jobs for 15 year olds still require a license, unless you are working for free. Also, if no school absence is required, you do not need the license. However, the agency should apply for this license for you, to the local authorities, and give it to you when it is ready.

In addition, you should know that modeling jobs for 15 year olds can be really successful, but they involve a lot of traveling and hard work. Most probably, you will need a parent or a guardian with you all the time, or an agent who will take care of you.

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t get a “yes” from your first try. Always remember that even Kate Moss got some “no”-s before being successful, so never stop fighting for your dream. Good luck!

Good Saturday jobs for 15 year olds

The best way for a teenager to earn some pocket money is to start working some Saturday jobs for 15 year olds. Let’s see what you can do about it!

Saturday jobs for 15 year olds

Boys and girls, listen to this!

If by any chance you wonder why it is necessary to find Saturday jobs for 15 year olds, we’re here to solve your doubts! Working is a thing that helps you feel useful, and the adults will be proud of you and your decision to start contributing. Spending your own money really is some special, because that way you start to appreciate money that you get from parents. Saturday jobs for 15 year olds are nothing but just benefits!